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Reaching Millennials with BVOD

In our article, Creating the Right TV schedule for success, we discussed the need for reach and frequency to ensure a successful media campaign. And this philosophy is valid for all media, not just TV. Ads need to be viewed to impact engagement and drive conversion at the point of purchase. Cutting through the clutter of media is becoming more complex; therefore, choosing suitable media has never been more critical.

For years we've believed that digital was the way to reach the millennial audience. More tech-savvy and time-poor, it was the obvious more cost-effective media option for advertisers who couldn't afford traditional linear advertising. But not all digital is equal. Viewable screen size has proven a significant element in capturing attention and increasing the propensity to convert.

In the case of TV and BVOD, your ad has a 100% viewable screen size regardless of the device. Other media types, including social, are less, as content and ads mix within the scrolling feed. If we then consider that BVOD has non-skippable ads, it starts to perform even better than TV. (65% of eyeballs actively view your ad - that's even better than TV at 58%). 

The outcome - better ad recall and likelihood to convert.

Before COVID, Video-on-demand (BVOD) numbers were on the increase. While we believed Millennials were more likely to view Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) like Netflix, it's the maintenance of BVOD numbers since breaking out of COVID lockdown that is promising. For example, in week eight of MAFS, 1 in 3 women 25-54 watched via BVOD*. Offering non-skippable limited 100% viewable ad formats - that's impressive attention.

The magic is in finding the right mix of programming to maximise conversion.

Millennials are watching BVOD, and at competitive rates, we know we can add the service to our media mix. Still, just like any schedule, variety is the way to maximise reach and frequency to drive conversion. 

Great deals can be found doing direct station buys; for example, a Nine BVOD buy covering a range of programs from the 9Now stable could capture MAFS as per our above example. However, digital value is in the ability to advertise in relevant programs regardless of the station. Layered with other digital media, including search, digital out of home or social, BVOD can increase the overall effectiveness of your campaign. Having the flexibility of choice to buy direct or purchase as part of an integrated digital campaign comes down to your value of data and intel over impressions. 

Programmatic media offers the clarity and results tracking many companies desire; however, the service isn't free, and direct station buys often prove the most cost-efficient option. At the briefing stage, companies should decide if any potential learnings from an integrated omnichannel campaign outway cheaper cost per thousand (CPM) rates of direct buys. Need help discussing the options? Independent media agencies such as The Media Planning Agency are always available to assist and negotiate the best possible deals on your behalf.


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