Why MPA for online?

Experience, Knowledge and Trust = Return on Investment


Our Digital division, MPA Digital Media is a beacon amongst the throng of digital media agencies. Why? Our people have worked in digital media since its inception in the 1990’s and we house some of the most brilliant minds in the digital media space. Most importantly it’s because we don’t blindly follow the heard of digital agencies that promote uniform programmatic digital buys that wastes around 50 cents in every media dollar!

MPA is Google Certified and we work to best practice in everything we do. We strive to stay up to date with the latest trends, insights and innovations in Digital Media across display, SEM and social media. Our network extends across Australasia and the United States.

We work hand in glove with our largest digital media partner, Google to offer our clients services and insights that are not available through programmatic media buying. And yes, we do offer programmatic, but we don’t have a ‘one shoe fits all mentality’ when it comes to strategy and buying and will consider programmatic as an option where it will deliver the client the best outcome.

Here’s an analogy regarding programmatic media buying…..
Programmatic digital media buying is like using share trading software. The software analyses the share markets and uses algorithms to predict outcomes, but it can’t analyze the mood or the sentiment of the share market and make changes accordingly. It’s the set and forget digital media campaign without the ability to make live changes of significant value and campaign analysis is done after the campaign budget has been spent.

Managed digital media buying uses software however the trading element is managed by our people and is cared for throughout the life of the campaign with immediate and ongoing human analysis and intervention to enhance EROI. It’s akin to using a Share Market Analyst making share trading calls with the of their knowledge of the market and all the tools use at their disposal

Because we have decades of experience and expertise in developing media strategies and media plans we drill for insights to better understand your customer, what their digital consumption habits are and when they’re in the cycle to meet your conversion metrics.

MPA works with clients and agencies. We’ve been around long enough to know that clients work with creative and communications agencies and want to supply their own messaging. Alternatively we have an on staff team that is highly experienced in producing HTML5 and rich media assets. Similarly we work with agencies that need a digital media extension to their business but don’t have the resources to achieve it or are sick and tired of being clipped by large media agencies on commission rebates and poor service.