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Understand Radio Rates and the Jargon We Use

Radio Advertising Rates

Get a Better understanding of how radio ads work and feel confident before moving ahead with a campaign

Understand more about the terms and the workings of creating a Radio media campaign and grab some broad Radio MEDIA costs before beginning your campaign.

*Radio Advertising Rates are approximate and for planning purposes only. For a detailed, discounted radio proposal, contact the radio advertising experts  contact us

Example Radio Rates by Location

Sydney             Rate 1x 30 second commercial BMAD

2GB.                 $450

KiisFM              $450

2WSFM.           $350

NOVA               $350

Triple M            $300

2 Day Hit FM    $250

Smooth            $375

SEN                 $50

954 Music.      $50

2SM                $20

Melbourne     Rate 1x 30 second commercial BMAD

3AW                $450

FOX                $400

GOLD             $350

TRIPLE M       $350

NOVA             $400

Smooth          $375

KiisFM           $325

SEN               $150

3MP Music    $100

Brisbane      Rate 1x 30 second commercial BMAD

97.3              $275

B105            $300

Triple M        $300

Nova            $325

4KQ.            $200

4BC             $180

Adelaide     Rate 1x 30 second commercial BMAD

Mix 102.3 FM. $220

SAFM              $120

Triple M           $250

NOVA              $200

5aa                 $200

Cruise 1323.   $100

Perth            Rate 1x 30 second commercial BMAD

96fm.            $275

Mix               $275

Triple M        $250

NOVA.          $250

6PR.             $100

6iX                $90

Canberra     Rate 1x 30 second commercial BMAD

Mix 106.3   $180

FM 104.7    $160

2CC AM      $80

2CA AM      $80

Radio Advertising terminology and Information

Discover the Factors Influencing Radio Advertisement Production Costs

There are a number of variables. Voice over artists charge more for metro release versus regional release. High profile actors & voice over artists will charge higher rates than standard voice over artists. We can write, produce and record your commercial from as little as $200+GST for regional and $400+GST for metro.

Exploring Radio Commercial Lengths: Optimise Your Ad Duration for Impact

Most commercials are 30 or 15 seconds in duration.

Other lengths are;

60 seconds

45 seconds

10 seconds

5 seconds

Note: stations charge a load for commercials that are not 30 seconds. EG a 15 second commercial is charged at up to 80% of a 30 second commercial. 

Measuring Your Radio Advertising Campaign's Success: Reach and Frequency

Reach refers to the unique audience that will hear your radio advertising campaign and is measured in thousands of people.

Frequency refers to the average number of times the unique audience will hear your campaign. We recommend a minimum of 3+ reach for the listener to engage with your message.

Understanding the difference between the different types of ad types

Prerecorded spots

They are prerecorded by either the station, the clients agency or the client and use  a voice over artist and mixed with music, or no music (cold read). They are normally 30 or 15 seconds in length.

Live reads

These are read by the announcer from an approved script. A premium is charged for live reads as the announcer has an affinity with their audience and is ‘lending’ their voice to your brand. Generally used in combination with prerecorded spots and sponsorship credits.

Recorded live reads

These are recorded and played in place of a standard recorded ad. However they can not be played in the same time slot that the announcer has their show.

Sponsorship credits

Are 5 or 10 seconds in length and are a brand partnership between the program and the advertiser. EG ‘this news report is brought to you by The Media Planning Agency, number one for radio advertising rates in Sydney, search The Media Planning Agency.”

They are used in combination with prerecords and reads to boost reach and frequency and brand credibility.

Streaming Radio & Podcasts

Radio programs and podcasts are broadcast online and carry a completely different set of ads.

We can target listeners just like we do online by topic of interest, by location, age and gender. This means less wastage and better ROI

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