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Video Production Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Quote

By accepting a production quotation, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of doing business with MPA. A signed copy of these terms and conditions must accompany the first payment to avoid delays in the production schedule:


Terms of trade:

This quotation is valid for a period of 90 days and is based on the above services to be carried out as described. Should the client request any additions to the quoted project, MPA will provide a quote for the additional work.

The following payment schedule applies:

For video projects under $5,000:

50% upon acceptance of this quotation to begin pre-production, to be paid prior to filming.

50% (plus any additional costs incurred) on completion of the production.

For video projects over $5,000:

40% upon acceptance of this quotation to begin pre-production, to be paid prior to filming.

40% on completion of filming.

20% (plus any additional costs incurred) on completion of the production.

For animation projects:

50% upon acceptance of this quotation to begin pre-production.

50% (plus any additional costs incurred) on completion of the production.

For TVC productions:

40% upon acceptance of this quotation to begin pre-production, to be paid prior to filming.

40% on completion of filming.

20% (plus any additional costs incurred) on completion of the production, before air first date.

Additional CAD and station transfer costs paid prior to submission for rating and broadcast. Note: TVC’s cannot be released to TV networks until full payment has been received.

Note: Shoot dates shall not proceed until payment of 1st instalment is received by our accounts department.

Please pay within terms. It is a condition of sale that you agree to pay any costs, including administration charges, debt collection commissions and legal fees that are incurred in collecting overdue accounts. 

How our invoicing schedule works:

Different payment schedules apply depending on the size of the production. Except for special cases where a more tailored payment schedule has been devised for the specific job, the above typically applies.

Why we bill in stages:

Each project is billed in stages to cash flow the project from start to finish. The bulk of the expense of a production is generally within the production stage. The pre-production instalment provides cash flow to (a) get started on the project, and (b) cover expenses such as hire equipment, studio costs, props and other items that demand to be paid for upfront. The first and the second instalment generally also covers crew labour.

Cancellation of project:

In the event of project cancellation, a pro-rata amount will be calculated based on the time and resources spent on the job and made payable to MPA. 

Cancellation or postponement of shoot:

Film/video shoots can be cancelled or postponed by providing a minimum of 48 hours notice. If you provide less than 48 hours notice, you agree to pay a cancellation fee equal to the value of 100% of the shoot costs. These costs are itemised in the section under “Production” in the quote above.


$20,000,000 public liability

$5,000,000 professional indemnity

Workers Compensation

Drone operations:

Drone operations are conducted by a licensed, certified and insured drone operator. The Chief Remote Pilot has complete authority over drone operations and will make the final call on the safety of an operation. Unfavourable weather conditions may result in cancellation or postponement of a drone shoot. In the event that a shoot is halted due to unfavourable weather conditions during the operation, the shoot day is non-refundable. Unless otherwise stated, quotes including drone operations do not include CASA permits for areas where special approval is required, such as (but not limited to) areas within 5km of a towered aerodrome. Additional costs apply for special permits.


Where the destination of the production has not been defined at the time of quoting, travel which is more than 50Km from the CBD of the nearest capital city shall be charged at $1 per Km. Destinations requiring more than 2hrs drive shall also incur an additional fee for the operators’ time. This fee will be confirmed with the client prior to production. Overnight stay shall also incur additional costs.

Revision and Changes to the Edit:

During the editing process we provide up to 3 rounds of changes. In the case where the client requires further changes, we shall provide a quote for the additional time needed.

General conditions:

·       MPA will not be held accountable for any damages to recorded footage, including any corruption of video files during the production. In the event of any corruption to the video, alternate re-shooting arrangements may be made at the discretion of MPA.

·       All productions and their related video footage will be kept on file by MPA for a maximum period of 12 months from the commencement date of production, unless otherwise agreed upon and expressed in writing prior to the commencement of production.

·       MPA will do its very best to meet all prearranged deadlines however, in the event that the client’s own involvement is responsible in part or in full for slowing the production process down, MPA will not be held accountable.

·       Ownership of the completed production (as detailed under Creative Brief) will be transferred to the client upon final payment, however, does not include the provision of raw footage, nor is MPA obliged to provide the raw footage. MPA retains the exclusive right to be commissioned by the client for future edits or re-edits of the footage.

·       MPA reserves the right to postpone any shoot without penalty for reasons such as but not limited to illness of crewmembers, equipment failure or unfavourable weather conditions.

·       All costs relating to talent and location fees are subject to finding suitable talent and locations within the allocated budget.

·       The client indemnifies MPA from any information supplied by the client that is false or misleading.

·       Notification of changes to any production must be supplied to MPA in writing.

·       Shoot days are 8 hours. Half-day shoots must be 4 hours and scheduled for either morning (wrap by 12:00pm) or afternoon (start after 12:00pm).

·       MPA reserves the right to directors cut, to add the work to our portfolio and use the production either in part or full for promotional purposes without restriction in all formats and media.


COVID-19 Protocols

To ensure the safety of our clients and crew, our productions have adopted the following health protocols.

·       Face masks are to be worn during indoor productions for all people on set, except where it reasonable to be removed (for example, actors or presenters who are on camera during filming).

·       General social distancing where practicable.

·       No cast or crew members who have any cold/flu like symptoms are permitted on set.

·       No cast or crew member to have been in contact with anyone that has COVID-19 or is currently being tested shall be permitted on set.

·       Use of wireless follow focus equipment for camera assistants to assist with social distancing during filming.

·       Production monitors shall be cabled at least 2 meters from camera and persons viewing via monitor are to maintain a safe distance from one another.

·       Minimum recommended crew and other parties on sets to reduce social interaction.

·       Equipment must only be handled by the equipment owner or their appointed assistant.

·       All personnel shall adhere to the protocols in place for all indoor shoot locations (such as offices or studios), including scanning in with QR codes and specific movement or staff interaction rules



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