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Video on Demand/ Catch up TV Media

Greater audience profiling and better targeting deliver outstanding media schedules perfectly aligned with your media and marketing strategies

Video on Demand, or Catch up TV media is the perfect way to leverage the value of digital media with the awareness of TV.  And whether it's single station media schedules or program-specific media plans, MPA Media TV specialists are here to assist.

Exploring the Dynamic World of Video On Demand and Catch-Up Media

The landscape of media consumption is ever-evolving, and the surge in Video On Demand (VOD) media services has been a game-changer. Contemporary audiences demand control over their viewing experiences, and VOD provides this flexibility, along with the highly sought-after personalisation that advertisers and consumers alike cherish.

Catch-up TV services such as 9 Now, 10 Play, 7 Plus, Foxtel, Kayo, and SBS on Demand are revolutionising how viewers interact with television. They offer the convenience of watching missed episodes at one's leisure, which gives advertisers a golden opportunity to engage with diverse demographics in a more targeted and intentional manner.

At MPA, we specialise in leveraging the potential of VOD media and catch-up services to maximise reach and impact. Our strategic advertisement placements on these platforms ensure that brands connect with their audience effectively. Moreover, compared to traditional Broadcast TV media, VOD and catch-up services can be more cost-efficient. MPA prides itself on gaining access to exceptional discounted rates, allowing for cost-effective campaigns that don't compromise on quality and engagement.

For advertisers, this shift towards on-demand media consumption means rethinking traditional advertising strategies. VOD and catch-up platforms enable not only precise targeting but also offer rich data insights, allowing for a more refined understanding of viewer preferences and behaviours. This data-driven approach ensures that each advertisement is not just seen but is also relevant and resonant with the audience.

Incorporating VOD media and catch-up TV into your media strategy can lead to a more robust and flexible media campaign, capable of adjusting in real time to the viewing habits and preferences of a diverse and dynamic audience. As your strategic partner, MPA is dedicated to navigating this intricate media environment to craft tailored advertising media solutions that cater to the unique needs of your brand and your audience.

Want to learn about the value of Video on Demand as part of your media strategy, speak to the professionals at MPA Media. Or find out more about the benefits of broadcast TV Media.

Media Strategy - The Evolution of TV Consumption

Gain an understanding of how video-on-demand and Catch-up media schedules are changing how we consider awareness media. With greater targeting options, better analytics and insights while offering greater value, this medium may be the best way to start your brand-building journey

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