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Respect and Governance at MPA

As a registered Australian Company, we believe we have a responsibility to uphold the highest levels of integrity to ensure a solid platform for the longevity of our business. This means a commitment to dealing with absolute integrity, honesty and transparency, developing long-term relationships with our clients.

Respect for people and planet

Working at The Media Planning Agency is like being part of a family. Our respect for others is the cornerstone of our business, whether respecting the traditional owners where our offices are located or adhering to equal opportunity and diversity of staff and respecting each other. We believe business thrives from happy employees and welcome part-time and remote working for our team. Empowering our team and offering job growth, opportunities and education is fundamental to our agency's business, development and success. Staff retention is one area that ensures seamless communication and management of client accounts.

At The Media Planning Agency we respect human rights. We choose only to work with clients, partners and media solution providers that practice a common philosophy.

As part of employment with The Media Planning Agency, a code of conduct is made available and is monitored and updated to guarantee our team are kept to the highest standards when dealing with clients.

As we respect those we work with, as a business, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint to ensure the security and safety of our families for the future.

Respect for privacy

Information security is vital for our clients. We ensure all team members working on an account adhere to strict non-disclosure and non-compete businesses, while client data is held securely and remains accessible only to team members allocated to a client account. For some clients, strict non-disclosure means we are unable to discuss case studies that could at times benefit our business. 

When requesting access to first-party data for campaigns, we only accept hashed data and accept only one contact method per file to ensure absolute security. No files are kept by us after uploading. We recommend the direct loading of data into LiveRamp where possible.

Respect for Innovation

As a media agency that guides clients on media to deliver successful outcomes, it is important we stay up to date with our certifications, memberships and emerging trends. Our relationships with media over the past 20 years has meant we remain at the cutting edge of new technologies and media available for our client's consideration. In light of this, we encourage a test and learn environment at all times.

Respect for Partners

As part of our commitment to stay at the cutting edge of media, we pride ourselves on the development of strong partnerships that deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients and our teams.

Respect for Human Rights against  Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is the recruitment, movement, harbouring or receiving of children, women or men through the use of force, coercion, abuse of vulnerability, deception or other means for the purpose of exploitation.

For further information on workplace rights and obligations in Australia, please visit the Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman website.

The Media Planning Agency Pty Ltd is not subject to the Modern Slavery Act 2018. We are committed to operating our business ethically and adhering to Australian laws and expect our suppliers and agents to operate in the same manner.

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