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Call 1300 889 115 for up to 85% Off Premium Media with Our Distress Media Deals. Available across Peak Night TV, BVOD, Outdoor and Transit

Navigate the complexities of today's media landscape with The Media Planning Agency (MPA Media), a premier media agency known for our experience and excellence in media planning, media buying, and crafting innovative advertising strategies. At MPA Media, we are dedicated to propelling your business to unprecedented heights through our agility, professionalism, and unmatched customer service. Choose MPA Media for an unbeatable media strategy, planning, and buying approach.

Your Results-Focused Media Agency

1.  Bespoke Media Planning Services

As a leading media planner, MPA Media excels in developing custom strategies tailored to your unique needs. Our expert media planning ensures your message resonates with the intended audience at the perfect moment, optimising your advertising spend for maximum impact. Our media agency aligns with your marketing objectives, delivering personalised media solutions that drive success.

2. Expert Media Buying for Optimal Value:

Leverage over 20 years of expertise in media buying with MPA Media. Our adept media buying strategies secure the best placements and timing for your campaigns, guaranteeing that your message reaches and engages your target audience effectively. Trust in our media agency to maximise the value of your advertising investment.

3. Innovative Media and Marketing Strategies:

MPA Media is more than a media buying agency; we are pioneers in advertising, offering cutting-edge strategies designed to engage your audience and build brand loyalty. Our forward-thinking approaches open new avenues for growth and connection with your market.

4. Comprehensive Marketing Solutions Across All Platforms:

Our integrated marketing approach encompasses both digital and traditional media platforms, ensuring your brand's message is amplified and cohesive across every channel. MPA Media's holistic strategy enhances your visibility and impact in the competitive media landscape.

5. Adaptable and Responsive in a Dynamic Media Environment:

In the media and marketing world, MPA Media stands ready to navigate changes and capitalise on emerging opportunities with speed. Our proactive media planning and buying strategies keep your brand ahead, focused on future trends that will elevate your presence.

6. A Proven Track Record of Measurable Success:

With a history of over two decades in media planning and buying, MPA Media's portfolio is a testament to our ability to deliver measurable, impactful campaigns. We are committed to transforming your media and marketing investments into tangible results.

7. Detailed Reporting and Insightful Analytics for Continuous Improvement:

MPA Media believes in the power of transparency and analytics to guide your media strategy. Our comprehensive reporting provides insights into campaign performance, offering a clear perspective on how your investments align with your overall marketing goals, driving continual improvement and success.

Contact MPA Media Today: Partner with a media agency that leads in media planning excellence, and let us illuminate the path to your business's success in the media realm.


And You Could Take Advantage of Some Great Rates

Video on Demand (also known as Catch-up) is Booming

Catch Up TV is booming in 2024 with global ad revenue projected to hit $30 billion.

What’s driving the growth? AI integration, programmatic buying, granular targeting and direct agency/client broadcaster deals are all driving growth.

CTV is now used for performance marketing, offering granular targeting and interactive and performance ads.

Australian brands have excellent opportunities to buy premium CTV space at significant savings. Talk to the team at MPA about our rates today.


Elevate Your Business with Tailored Media Strategies.

MPA Media isn't just a media agency; we're your strategic partner in success. Our commitment to excellence in media planning, savvy media buying, innovative advertising strategies, and comprehensive marketing solutions makes us the go-to choice for businesses aiming to significantly impact their audiences.

Media Spend Versus Creative & Production

Striking the Perfect Balance

Ever ruminated over what the split of your marketing budget should be between creative, production and media? In one of our most popular blog posts, we help you strike the balance

Talk to The Media Experts at MPA

Ready to transform your business? Contact MPA Media today and start on a journey towards marketing excellence. Your path to success with the right media agency begins here.

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