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Latest Stats from 9 Network 6-12 March

TV Viewing

With so much going on in the media, it's not surprising that Aussies are looking for a bit of escapism in their TV viewing. And the outright audience winner seems to be MAFS.

An audience pleaser, MAFS Live TV audience has increased a whopping 51% and a combined Live and Video on Demand of 20%. Add other successful 9 shows such as La Brea and Saving Hope, and the Network is looking strong, winning both the coveted 25-54 year and the hard to reach 18-39 year demographics. Download the latest stats here.



Not surprisingly, mobile access dominates premium mastheads with a 62% share for the week. The second week of March was big on news, especially with the passing of Shane Warne over the weekend. This drove a peak on Monday as news on Floods and the war in Ukraine continued to come through. The top publication nationally is The Age, with Monday's 7-9 am the peak time for readership. View the latest stats here.



With the week bringing the sadness of Shane Warnes passing, health and fitness drove significant increases for 9 Honey. Unique visitors were up 41% week on week, indicating motivation on diet and exercise were top of mind. View the latest 9 Honey stats.

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