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In an average week over 95% of Australians are reached by broadcast radio alone; however radio is far more than just a “reach and frequency” medium. Radio Advertising Media continues to innovate, with the use of online space, using websites, apps and social media as an additional way for stations and presenters to connect with their audience.

Radio Advertising works across nearly all industries and business sizes and campaigns can be tailored for clients with big or small budgets.

How does MPA plan an effective radio ad campaign?

There are two critical factors:

  1. The target audience is (reach);
  2. How often they need to hear the ad to take action (frequency)

Once we know who you’re trying to communicate with, we overlay ratings data to determine which station your audience is listening to and equally importantly, when they are listening.

With this information, MPA will tailor the creative to the station to make the perfect radio advertising campaign. For example, a straight voice read or live read for a talkback station or a music bed and jingle for an FM station.

We then hand build a radio media schedule to achieve maximum reach and frequency and develop a creative message to deliver cut through.

We’ve been building radio ad campaigns for over 20 years AND our media relationships with our partners including ATN, Nova, ARN, Southern Cross Austereo, Nine Radio (2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR) and all regional and community stations means our clients get;

  1. The lowest radio media rate in the market
  2. Guaranteed Bonus
  3. Free creative and scripting
  4. Discounted radio production

Unlock Sharper Media Rates and Enjoy Better Results

Get more value for your advertising budget. Call our experienced media planning and media buying team to discover how we can transform your advertising campaign.