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Results Driven Strategic Media & Communications Solutions

MPA is an accredited full service media agency sticking the boot to the industry heavy weights and our lack lustre competitors. We’re a passionate collective of senior media professionals that absolutely loves what we do.

Why do the other agencies hate us?

Put simply, we drive better media outcomes.

At MPA there’s no pretention, no bullshit, no overpriced offices with harbour views. We provide our clients with cost efficient, effective media outcomes.

We’re nimble, agile and punch well above our weight.  We consistently deliver our clients (their former clients) better consumer insights, better campaign strategy and better targeted media campaigns delivered at the most competitive media rates in the market. Nothing beats experience in advertising and media placement. MPA has been at the forefront of media strategy, media planning, media negotiation, media buying and campaign delivery for decades.

If you’re a marketer, business owner or creative agency that wants better service and results, talk to us now. It costs nothing but your time!

We offer our clients full transparency and absolute media ethicacy

We enable our clients to flex their media budgets and compete at scale through our superior media relationships, superior negotiation skills, distress media buying, market experience and the fact that we cherish every media dollar like it was our own.

Who are our clients? They range from SME’s to multinational brands. Budgets and clients of ALL sizes. Small, medium or large. 

They’re national and international brands, national retailers, IT & software companies, event companies. Agri, auto, construction, legal, pharma, recruitment, tourism. They’re also SME’s looking to compete for share of voice by accessing MPAs superior media rates.

Nothing beats experience in advertising and media placement. MPA has been at the forefront of media strategy, media planning, media negotiation, media buying and campaign delivery for decades.

MPAs clients have one thing in common….they all want more for their media dollar.

Superior Service

So many media agencies talk the talk to win your business, only to leave you in the hands of a junior with limited experience and no desire to grow your business. Their rates are fixed, their service is poor, they offload bad media inventory to you and charge a service fee for the privilege!

At MPA, we own the business that we work in. You deal with only with senior agency management, each an experienced specialist in their field.  We work with an ethos of transparency to build trust and a partnership with our clients. We offer full post reporting for every campaign free of charge.  

We have a vested interest to deliver your business successful campaign outcomes, whether it’s an SEM campaign, a discounted page in The Australian, or a multi layered integrated media campaign across TV, Catchup, Digital Display, PPC, Social, Radio, Print and Outdoor.

Strategy, Consumer Insights, Media Negotiation, Value Adds and Servicing the shit out of our clients are our foundations.

Why you should review your current buying arrangements?

  • Are you locked into a contract on a ‘performance’ based ‘direct response’  model with lead generation metrics that make no sense?
  • Has your agency produced a creative campaign/TV Commercial that you don’t own and are restricted in using?
  • Does your agency have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach?
  • Is the majority of your media running in off peak on fringe digital networks and Foxtel?
  • Are you getting what you pay for?
  • Do you see placement costs?
  • Do you receive a full post campaign report free of charge?
  • Are you being charged huge fees to upload commercials to networks and print ads to newspapers?
  • Are you receiving strategic direction for every dollar you’re spending?


Why Choose MPA?

  • Experience
  • Efficiency
  • Ethicacy
  • Integrity
  • Rates and Results
  • Service and Trust

"We have been a long time client of MPA. They are the most ethical media agency we have ever worked with."

Gavin Rogers, Managing Director Lawn Solutions Australia, 2018

MPA is a 360 degree agency. We provide complete end to end advertising and media services. And can work seamlessly with your existing creative or marketing agency.

We have the most competitive rates in the market, developed through years of direct media negotiation and superior media relationships.

We are a Google Partner, a Facebook agency, a founding member of the IAB. What does this mean for your business? The very best digital expertise available to maximise ROI.

Our people are consistently re-certified in Digital Best Practice

We assess media opportunities for our clients on their own merits and provide recommendations using data driven decisions aligned with years of experience. We know what works! We are not swayed with any specific media channel so we always provide unbiased recommendations based on the best potential results for your business! We conduct the strategy, plan, negotiate and buy, measure and optimise to improve… that's our daily function that ensures success for your business.

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