Search Engine Optimisation

The Media Planning Agency provides search engine optimisation services to help deliver prime business ranking across Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.


We learn your business objectives to understand exactly what best describes your products and services and utilise our SEO services to make it happen.

MPA develops and edits content to maximise SEO spider relevancy - the currency of SEO - to deliver deeper consumer engagement with your campaigns and your website.  We follow a methodical and systematic approach from beginning to end and we follow ethical best practice at all times.

Why use Search Engine Optimisation?

Website Analysis: MPA undertakes a detailed analysis of your website to identify the extent of your online presence and to how we can assist you to make your website content rich. This aids clients as to the workings and failings of their website and what needs to change to deliver SEO Currency.


Competitive Analysis: Understanding your competitors and their strategy is key to the success in building SEO Currency.  A clear picture of how you compare with your competition will help MPA identify what SEO techniques are required to deliver you a better ranking.


Content Optimisation: Online content is KING for search engine rankings.  MPA is able to assist you with copy to improve relevancy and achieve results in line with best practise search engine guidelines.


Page Optimisation: If content is KING then page structure is QUEEN. Content flow, usability, frequency and structure of your message and keywords also affect site rankings.  Our web audits identify how valuable your content is to search engines and provide clear direction to achieve improvements.


Link Building: Building quality links helps customers navigate to important and relevant areas of your website, improving your overall ranking. MPA's link techniques ensure only qualified leads are delivered to boost online traffic and results.


Analysis, ranking and traffic measurement: The true measure of your SEO investment is increased website traffic, conversion and sales revenue. Post-optimisation analysis of our client's sites, provides an ongoing strategy for continued success. Our monthly reports include details such as individual campaign successes, landing page structure,  bounce and exit rates, page hot spots, page keywords success and recommendations for improvement, navigation, social media mentions, site variations in page rankings and content, site build and structural errors.  We work with both your marketing teams and your developers to ensure maximum outcomes.

To find out more about how MPA can assist your business to rank better, please  contact us today.