We are experts in Television production and media placement. We consistently deliver our clients outstanding creative and value for money TV Advertising.

The Media Planning Agency creates, plans and places, brand, direct response, retail and event television campaigns for businesses around Australia. Small, medium or large, we are TV buying experts.

Why advertise on Television?

Better ROI! Retailers spend more advertising on TV than any other medium (excluding SEM)
More people spend more time with TV than any other medium. TV is virtually in every Australian home (99.7%). It remains the number one mass media. On average, each Australian spends over 3 hours a day watching television - the majority of this time is spent watching Free to Air.

Reach! Reach your target audience quickly and get them to respond immediately. TV delivers the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium in Australia. 14.2 million Australians watch television every day, making it ideal for launching new products and services, or driving a sales event.
Brand Building. There is no better medium for launching or maintaining a brand than TV.
Engaging. Television brings brands to life. It has the ability to evoke an emotional response as well as a rational one. No other medium can engage an audience quite like TV.

Integration. Television establishes the central idea of your campaign and helps it resonate through other media platforms in support of the communication.

Engagement. As television develops the options available to advertisers continue to expand. TV networks offer a range of ways to ensure advertisers engage and connect with their target audiences from segment program sponsorship and cross platform opportunities to tailored product integration.

Performance. The reach and profile of Free TV results is a multiplier effect on other media used in your campaign. Every other execution reminds consumers of the television campaign and strengthens the impact of your message.

TV Advertising works harmoniously with Digital Media. With many viewers now living busy active lives, the combination of TV advertising and Digital Media delivers increased results. In fact IAB data indicates that 60% of TV viewers use a second screen while watching TV. This is often in response to a comerical or content that interests the viewer.

Measurable. Australia's ratings system is one of the most sophisticated in the world making it truly accountable and quantifiable.


1. Experience; We've been planning and buying results driven TV ad campaigns for over 20 years. We know the networks programming schedules, the shows that will rate and those that won’t. We study the ratings trends from the US and the UK. We know when the audience will engage and when they won’t.

2. Negotiation; we know how the market is trading, who's offering the biggest discounts and who can deliver the largest targeted audience. We make the networks fight for a share of our clients spend.

3. Integration; we offer our clients integration of their brand within program content

4. Value Add; we negotiate priority fill, bonus and sponsorship billboards for our clients