About the Media Planning Agency

Who we are.

We are a nimble team of professionals  with 20+ years experience in media and online not just juniors with no interest in your business, limited media experience and a 'deck chair' mentality.


MPA is BIG on service. And we are an independent media and full service advertising.


MPA's media professionals have in-depth experience and knowledge of their respective disciplines including:


  • Media Trade Negotiation
  • Media Strategy & Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising Creative & Production
  • Online and Digital Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation - both paid and organic
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising & Integration. 


MPA's team have ad media and marketing backgrounds working with big brands and budgets with many years experience.

We are proud members of IAB Australia & Google Partners

MPA are  senior media planners and media marketers with significant experience. Our business has been built on providing superior service in  strategy,  planning and media negotiation. We strive to deliver the most up to date and relevant global content in all things media and pride ourselves on knowledge across all forms of media and technology, understanding how best to seamlessly integrate media into your marketing plans. 





What Choose Outdoor Media for your campaign? Outdoor is everywhere and constant exposure builds brand awareness and confidence. OUTDOOR BILLBOARDS ARE ACCOUNTABLE AND MEASURABLE. With MOVE we can determine reach, frequency and gross impacts on an outdoor or transit media campaign.    Why Advertis ...

In the past 10 years we have placed media a number of ways and through a few media buyers. We have been frustrated with the level of service and reporting offered by others however since the switch to MPA we have been very pleased with the campaign result. At a time when the market was receding, we achieved growth. MPAs strategy, service and particularly rate negotiation played an integral part in this success.

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