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MPA is a fiercely independent agency. We’re not a top heavy agency with even heavier head hour, creative and production fees! We’re an agency of senior advertising, marketing and media professionals with decades of experience, supported by a team of savvy media executives, creatives, digital, broadcast and content producers and developers.

We move at pace and we use research and market intelligence to drive our insights as the corner stone for everything we do. Insight drives better media outcomes for our clients.  

We’re passionate about working with our clients to grow their businesses – after all that’s why we’re in business. Our successes are tied to our clients’ successes.

We examine all marketing channels to achieve your goals across the funnel of digital and traditional media.

At the core of everything we do is strategy with a view to understanding how to improve your campaign ROI.

Who are we ‘off the pitch’? We’ve come from marketing and big agency backgrounds to become an unpretentious collective with a passion for skiing, sport and cars. We work in Australia and internationally with ski brands, as well as with auto clients across brand, retail, trade and consumer.  We also work across the breadth of client spectrum through IT, Retail, Hospitality, FMCG/FMPG. Most importantly we’re people that spend our time away from work raising families and socializing with family and friends, however we’re on call 7 days a week to get the job done.

We are proud members of IAB Australia & Google Partners

MPA are  senior media planners and media marketers with significant experience. Our business has been built on providing superior service in  strategy,  planning and media negotiation. We strive to deliver the most up to date and relevant global content in all things media and pride ourselves on knowledge across all forms of media and technology, understanding how best to seamlessly integrate media into your marketing plans. 

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