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Experienced in All Forms of Outdoor Media

As our cities continue to expand, Australians are spending increasingly more time on their daily commute. Not only for work by car and public transport, but also during school drop off, driving to Saturday sports, going to the gym and to enjoy the Australian lifestyle either at the beach or at cafes and restaurants with friends. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average daily commute to work in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is 45 to 70 minutes. During this time, your potential customers will be exposed to a vast range of outdoor advertising across many formats.

Outdoor advertising creates awareness and builds brands, and when bought in conjunction with TV media and/or Digital media, the reach is amplified even further. Outdoor advertising dominates its surrounding landscape with eye-capturing, larger than life visuals, without enduring the noise of competing media. Other advantages of outdoor media include being highly visual, impactful, rapid to implement as well as having distress rates available.

MPA's experience and expertise spans across;

  • Digital and Static Outdoor
  • Programmatic Digital Outdoor
  • Bus external/internal and Bus Shelter
  • Bus Stop Advertising
  • Train and Train Station Advertising, and Railway overpasses
  • Shopping Centre and Retail
  • Airports (internal, external and airline lounges)
  • Gyms, Workplace Lobbies and Elevators, Doctor Surgeries, Petrol Stations and more. If it’s Outdoor, we cover it!

Why Choose Outdoor Advertising?

As Australia’s population grows and transit times increase, outdoor media is becoming more relevant and more powerful, achieving excellent cut through as it stands alone without competing against the noise of other advertising. Despite consumers fragmenting across other media, outdoor is consistently gaining audiences and growing formats.

Why Choose MPA?

We have the best rates in market, backed by the best market knowledge and service. Call us to advertise your business on one of the fastest growing and most engaging media available, at the best possible price.

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“MPA has the experience and buying power to negotiate the very best outdoor deal for your campaign. We offer a turn-key service that includes Design, Printing, Media Booking, Campaign Effectiveness Reporting and Campaign Post Reporting”

Alastair Noble - Media Director

The Many Forms of Outdoor Meddia

Outdoor Billboards


Billboards and Digital Billboards

Public Rail Network

Train Externals, Rail Platform and Concourse Areas


Shopping Centres and Kiosks

Public Bus / Tram Network

Bus/Tram Shelters, Bus/Tram Externals, Bus Interchange and Bus/Tram Internals


Airport Externals, Airport Internals, Petrol Stations and Phone Booths


Universities, Cafes, Office Buildings and Lifts, Medical Centres and Doctors Surgeries

digital outdoor

Digital Outdoor

Digital Outdoor eliminates the need for costly vinyl kedder (skin) production allowing more budget to be invested back into media. It also allows for multiple messages to be run on the same site.

For advertisers, this shortens the lead time to be in market and means that price points and messages can be changed tactically. Live feeds are also possible to allow information to be delivered to eyes in real time, such as weather conditions for the travel sector, or price reductions for retailers.

Outdoor Media Formats FAQ


Outdoor Billbooards come in static and digital formats.

Roadside Static

MPA plans and buys all roadside formats, from small 6x3 metre formats to freeway and large format sites including the largest in Australia – The Anzac Bridge Silos (pls use Perisher image)

What is the minimum posting period? – 28 days (4 weeks)

When is the posting period? Static outdoor runs in lunar calendar cycles of 28 days, with 13 posting periods in a calendar year.

How much does it cost? Costs range from smaller 6x3 metre sites from around $1000 to super spectaculars in excess of $250,000

Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards are rapidly replacing the standard static format. Why? Digital outdoor does away with the expense and time of creating the billboard skin and installing it. Digital assets can be loaded and turned live in real-time and creative executions can be swapped out for during a campaign. Digital billboards are the display ads of the internet in an outdoor format.

What is the minimum posting period? The majority of sites are sold in 7 cycles (Monday to Sunday). Some are sold in 14 and 28 day minimum cycles.

How long is my ad on the billboard? In the main, you will share the site with 6 other advertisers. This is called Share of Voice. Your ad will run for 10 seconds or once every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day.

Can I buy multiple sites? Yes, you can target specific geographic areas or buy based on mass reach and frequency

How much does it cost? Costs vary based on location. The better the location the higher the cost. Packages start from $5,000 ex GST

MPA uses MOVE –Australia’s first national industry-wide audience measurement system for Out-of-Home (OOH) media and world leading in that it covers all major OOH environments including roadside, airports, railway/bus stations, buses/trams and shopping centres. No international system measures audiences to the same depth as MOVE.

Yes. MPA has access to distress deals at up to 92% off rate card. The closer the posting period, the larger the distress trading discount will be if the media is unsold

Transit advertising bill brands. Large billboards moving across the busy metropolitan landscape. With longer commute and dwell times, transit advertising will engage, impact and reach your customers.

Buses have high visibility and impact during busy road hours – which is now 18 hours a day! They offer mass campaign scale as well as granular suburb targeting and are more affordable low to medium budget campaigns.

  • Minimum 28 day posting period
  • Available in all capital cities and most major regional areas
  • Multiple formats – the larger the format the bigger the investment
  • Distress available
  • Suburb/depot targeting available

Bus Shelters are effective for granular targeting for metropolitan commuters. Bus Shelters formats vary in size and cost with nearly 20,000 bus and tram shelters nationally. flexible to suit any type of campaign. They deliver high reach & frequency and they’re economical

  • Minimum 2 week posting period
  • Minimum investment $5,000 ex GST
  • CBD bus shelters are part of a wider City Lights package and are not sold separately CBD and suburban. 15,000 Plus locations nationally. FAQs. Minimum posting period 2 weeks; minimum panel weight x 10

Train advertising has multiple formats. With commute times at record highs and huge dwell times, rail advertising delivers an opportunity for engagement and impact at a lower cost than TV or Radio advertising


  • Train External
  • Train Internal External and Internal
  • Train X Track TV
  • Static 6x3 metre Rail Cross Tracks
  • Station Dominations

Fast Facts:

  • Minimum 28 day posting period
  • Long dwell times
  • Visual and Impactful
  • Low cost compared to TV and Radio

There’s over 100 million passenger movements per year in Australia.

Let’s face it, when you travel domestically or internationally your dwell time at the airport is long – much longer than you want it to be and an opportunity for your brand to engage with customers in metro and regional airports.


  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Internal digital screens
  • Light boxes at prominent locations throughout the airport including walkways and baggage claims
  • Airline lounges Qantas, Virgin, Rex

MPA plans and buys across ALL metro and regional airports in Australia and New Zealand including the major mining centres

What better way to influence a purchase than to target your customer with a brand or retail message when they shop.

Shop-a-lites and Shopper Media formats are digital signs located within shopping centres targeting Coles and Woolworths shoppers. 

Fast Facts:

  • Minimum 2 week posting period
  • Low cost

Just some of our recent Outdoor & Transit campaigns

Our Recent Campaign - Strength Meals. An Eastern Seaboard campaign targeted at 25-39 time-poor female grocery buyers.

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