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A Specialist Approach for Success

Expo and Event Advertising

Event marketing and expo media require a specialist approach from an experienced and skilled media planner. With multiple event and expo categories, a coordinated and targeted campaign is critical to achieving results

Expos and events span a wide variety of industries and interest groups, including Medical, Tourism, Leisure/Pleasure, Hospitality, Resources, and Construction. MPA has delivered strategic and highly successful campaigns across all these sectors.

Keys to MPA’s Success in Event Marketing and Expo Media

Establish Clear KPIs and Performance Metrics

For all events, it's crucial to establish a clearly defined set of KPIs and performance metrics.

Digital Marketing Strategies

    1. Define Target Audience: Identify the target audience, how and when they consume media, what media they consume, and when they will most engage with the message.
    2. Utilise Data: Use 1st and 3rd party data to create ‘like’ audience pools.
    3. Campaign Lifespan Analysis: Ensure the campaign duration is optimal. Too long, and the budget is diluted, and urgency evaporates; too short, and you miss the consideration list.
    4. Optimised Landing Pages: Set up landing pages correctly with content and information flow, tracking through analytics.
    5. Creative Consistency: Ensure creative is on brand and on message. Use multiple ad sets across Video, Native, and Display to create urgency.
    6. A/B Testing: Test and retire underperforming creatives.
    7. Retargeting Strategies: Have a suite of creatives for retargeting and set a frequency cap in line with your budget.
    8. Daily Optimisation: Report and optimise daily. Assess what’s working, what’s not, and what tweaks can increase performance. Monitor time on page and the value of traffic.

Offline Channel Strategies

  • Media Channel Alignment: Identify media channels that align with the event date to avoid wasting valuable media dollars.
  • Optimal Campaign Length: Determine the optimal time in-market for the campaign.
  • Creative Assets: Assess what creative assets are available.
  • Proximity Media: Consider proximity media placement.
  • Low-Cost Mass Media: For consumer events, identify low-cost mass media options, including TV, Radio, Outdoor, and Transit.
    Promotional Opportunities: Identify promotional, competition, and PR opportunities to extend reach.

Benefits of Effective Event Marketing and Expo Media

      1. Increased Brand Awareness: Well-executed event marketing boosts brand visibility and recognition among target audiences.
      2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Events and expos provide a platform for direct interaction with potential customers, fostering stronger relationships.
      3. Lead Generation: Targeted campaigns can generate high-quality leads that are more likely to convert.
      4. Market Positioning: Strategic event marketing helps establish your brand as a leader in the industry.
      5. Measurable ROI: With clear KPIs and analytics, you can measure and optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns for better returns.

Trends in Event Marketing and Expo Media

    1. Hybrid events: Combining in-person and virtual elements to reach a broader audience.
    2. Personalisation: Tailoring experiences and communications to individual preferences for higher engagement.
    3. Sustainability: Incorporating eco-friendly practices in events to appeal to environmentally conscious attendees.
    4. Technology integration: Utilizing advanced technologies such as AR/VR, AI-driven analytics, and interactive apps to enhance the attendee experience.

Content marketing: Creating valuable and informative content to attract and retain event participants.

Crafting a Placement Schedule

After satisfying this checklist, we craft a placement schedule and critically analyse it with our client.

Contact MPA for a Campaign Audit

Contact MPA for a campaign audit if your expo or event media needs to perform better.

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