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Australia’s Podcast Boom in a Global Context

Aussie ears Tuned In

In recent years, Australia has experienced a remarkable podcast boom, mirroring global trends but with a unique, unmistakable Aussie flavour. One show standing at the forefront of this wave is the Hamish & Andy Show, boasting over a million listeners monthly.

Unpacking the Podcast Explosion

Globally, podcasts have found eager audiences due to their convenience, wide content variety, personal engagement, and community feel. Take a look at Joe Rogan. Now boasting over 11 million listeners on Spotify each podcast he is a juggernaut with an 89% male skew and although initially tailored for sports enthusiasts, his base is now growing to include greater health and wellbeing. However, Australia is no exception and has its own version. In fact, the nation has embraced podcasts enthusiastically, with shows like Hamish & Andy perfectly embodying the medium’s allure through their charismatic hosting and compelling content. All while consistently delivering over a million listeners each month.

Flourishing Homegrown Content

Australia’s podcast scene is not just a follower but a contributor to the global podcasting landscape, offering high-quality, diversified, and distinctly Australian content. This local flair adds to the worldwide tapestry of podcasting, providing a rich array of options for listeners everywhere. Hamish & Andy set a stellar example by crafting content that is uniquely and authentically Australian yet universally relatable and enjoyable.

Podcasts as Valuable Media Assets

Podcasts have emerged as powerful media assets worldwide, offering unparalleled advertising opportunities. The Australian market reflects this, with advertisers leveraging the medium’s ability to reach and engage specific and targeted audiences. With trusty shows like Hamish & Andy, or iHeart Radio’s Casefile True Crime with over 600,000 monthly listeners, advertisers can tap into a pre-established, loyal listenership, creating personalised campaigns that resonate more deeply than traditional advertising formats. But it doesn’t stop there, the top 5 podcasts monthly are consistently achieving numbers over 500,000 listeners and they aren’t just young listeners either.

Hamish & Andy: A Blueprint for Success

The Hamish & Andy Show not only represents the success of podcasting in Australia but also serves as a global example of excellence. Their unique blend of humour, storytelling, and long-term friendship has not only captivated Australians but garnered attention internationally, setting a benchmark for podcasters worldwide.

Global Comparison

When compared to the rest of the world, Australia's podcast consumption and production numbers are impressive. The country has seen a higher per-capita adoption rate of podcasts, indicating a significant cultural inclination towards this medium. And the radio station owners and long-time bloggers, Mumamia are leading the show. For August alone, ARN lists five of the top 10 Podcasts.


Australia’s podcast consumption boom is in harmony with global trends, yet it offers a distinctly local flavour that both contributes to and stands out within the international podcasting community worldwide. It’s vast range of content lends itself to spread across genres with something to appeal to your target audience, making digital radio all the more palatable and potential for your next campaign.

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