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Gain Access to Australia's Broader Population

Ethnic Media

Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse countries.  Nearly one in three Australian’s were born overseas (ABS 2023). And there are hundreds of media organisations to service this huge community with ethnic newspapers, websites, radio stations and TV stations.

There are over 200 ethnic newspapers, more than 100 radio stations and dozens of TV stations across Free to Air and Streaming at your disposal to reach this market.

MPA has worked in the ethnic media advertising space for 20 years and has the experience and relationships to plan, negotiate and buy ethnic media. We also offer full translation services for creative across print, digital, TV and radio.

Below is the complete list of ethnic languages you can target. 

The two dominant non-European ethnic groups are Indian (846,000 made up of Hindi, Bengali and Marathi languages – ABS 2023); and Chinese 656,000 –  primarily made up of Mandarin and Cantonese languages ABS 2023)

Talk to the ethnic media experts at MPA to deliver your message to these massive audiences. We offer complete turn-key ethnic media buying services.

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