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Does Radio still Deliver Results in 2022?

And is there a place for radio with the explosion of social and video media?

As a non-visual medium, is it still effective at grabbing attention? And does free to air radio stack up against the audio streaming services like Spotify and I Heart radio?

The answer is yes, with free to air radio delivering impressive radio numbers and in strong demand from advertisers.

In fact, radio audience numbers for metro markets have never been higher. Quarterly data to March 22 shows audience numbers are up 2.5% on the same time last year, reaching 11.6 million metro listeners each week.

Why is it growing?

There are several reasons radio is seeing compound audience growth. While growth occurred during COVID lockdowns, overall numbers have continued to increase. Radio remains an excellent advertising option to get in front of your target audience with frequency, scale and a low CPM (cost per thousand)

Audiences have shifted from traditional peak sessions of breakfast and drive, no longer restricted to listening while in transit. And for many people working from home, their computer or smart device allowed them to work and listen without interrupting others.

Given the numbers audience numbers and costs, there are some great reasons why engaging in radio right now is a good idea;

  1. Creative. There is nothing like audio ad creation's speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness from live reads, integrated program sponsorship credits, and pre-recorded 60, 45, 30 and 15-second ads. Even taking production into account, radio campaigns can be up and running the same day.
  2. Immediacy. Considering the ease of creative production (mentioned above), campaigns are fast, easy to implement, and easy to update.
  3. Frequency and scale. A prospective client needs to hear your ad several times to get your message across. Radio allows you to book specific timeframes to ensure you reach your target audience when they're most likely to be listening.
  4. Flexibility of messaging and call to action. Live reads, competitions, giveaways, and sponsorships allow you to customise your messaging appropriate to the offer and the audience.
  5. Loyalty drives engagement - literally! When in transit, listening to their favourite station and broadcast jock means you have an active, engaged audience other than those moments gazing out the window during a commute!
  6. Cost. When bought through an experienced and connected agency like MPA, the cost efficiency is excellent.

Consider adding it to an outdoor campaign if all this isn't enough to get you thinking about including radio in your media mix. The inability of a commuter to switch off an outdoor message, amplified with a solid call to action on the radio, can increase conversion substantially. These two media are highly complementary and add that visual element many clients may be looking for from a campaign.


About the author

Alastair is our Media Director at MPA

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