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The Advantages of working with an Independent Media Agency

From time to time, you'll see Media Agencies refer to themselves as Independent (just as we do on our website). But have you ever stopped to consider why this could be beneficial to you as a client? 

For many clients, agency size and their client roster are essential elements in choosing which media agency to work with. Often signs of experience, these are critical when handing over your media budget. Yet many clients fail to ask the question concerning being independent. This question alone can save you tens of thousands and for larger clients hundreds of thousands of dollars from just one campaign. Let's break down the top five reasons how being an "independent" can equal savings.


  1. Bigger doesn’t mean Better. Unlike "bigger" media agencies, independent media agencies don't have minimum contracted thresholds to meet media partner requirements. IE we don’t have to push one network's barrow to meet a spend threshold and sell you into bad media choices. The result is a campaign designed to meet the client's needs rather than the agency's minimum spend requirements: the outcome – better rates, better media choices, better results.
  2. No Contract means No Rate Cards. We have the freedom to negotiate better rates on your behalf. We’re not working off a pre-negotiated rate card. We also get regular access to distress media that offers huge discounts
  3. Better Service. As "independents" we have great relationships with the major and emerging media companies. We can't rest on our laurels; we need to build and maintain connections to get the best possible rate, position in break and bonuses, which means we're always communicating with our media partners and staying up to date with the latest offers. And Media Companies pitch discounts to MPA to get our business.
  4. Faster and More Agile. We're constantly being offered the best rates at short notice. That means we can quickly and efficiently get you a great schedule when you need it most. A big ship takes many miles to stop and turn!
  5. Media Partners act like an Agency. Many clients believe going direct to a Media Partner gets them a better rate and more personal service. You are dealing with a sales team and a rate card closely aligned with individual and team sales targets. Going with an independent media agency means they negotiate the right media mix from various media partners and the best possible rate. As an accredited media buyer we received a commission for guaranteed on-time payment. That means ZERO fees for clients – an entirely free service. A win/win


So next time you're ready to book a media campaign, add an independent media buyer to your checklist and be surprised at the difference it can make to your media budget.


About the author

Alastair is our Media Director at MPA

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