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MPA is the Trusted Name in Australian Television Media Buying

Over 20 years of success in planning and buying television media has made The Media Planning Agency industry leaders. A key ingredient to this success is our ability to identify the right television inventory for the target audience, understanding precisely when they want to consume it and then negotiating the very best trading discount and value add package for our clients. Thorough research and analysis of consumer insights are essential in order to reach the right audience for your business, and minimise media wastage for the most effective television advertising campaigns.

At MPA we plan and buy customised television advertising campaigns for metropolitan and regional TV including;

  • Direct Response TV Advertising Campaigns
  • Retail TV Advertising Campaigns
  • Brand TV Advertising Campaigns

What Makes The Media Planning Agency Different from other Agencies with TV Advertising Campaigns?

Our experience in Television advertising along with the outstanding relationships we have with TV stations gives us and our clients a unique advantage in securing premium media television program placements at the very best media rates in market. Unlike the majority of TV media buyers, MPA hand buys select TV media to suit our client’s television media campaign objectives. We don’t just solely rely on TARPs, CPMs or predictive software like so many other agencies, and we refuse to simply rely on TV networks to build media campaign schedules. Networks can take advantage to salt unsold, high CPM, lower-demand airtime placements into overall media campaign packages. At MPA, we analyse viewer habits including the time of day, station, program types as well as Catch-up TV and then tailor a bespoke media schedule to deliver the right audience blend for our clients.

The Media Planning Agency proudly builds long-term relationships with our TV media clients. Transparency is an integral part of our service; we provide full post-analysis TV campaign reporting to ensure every campaign has delivered on its KPIs, and that complete media delivery has occurred – including value adds and any negotiated bonus exposure. MPA also leverages this data to make refinements for your future campaigns, as well as tracking CPMs to avoid network bracket creep.

Contact our team to experience our transparent and results-driven approach for your next television advertising campaign.


Epson has partnered with creative agency Adrenalin and media agency MPA to launch a new multi-million dollar national advertising campaign for its EcoTank range of cartridge-free printers.

The new campaign kicked off on Sunday, 24 January and incorporated multiple channels, including free-to-air and catch-up television, radio, social media and in-store.



Cubitt's Granny Flats and Home Extensions

Short burst media campaign: 4:30pm News and Hot Seat Traffic Sponsorship. This campaign was bought on distress at a 75% discount.

Why use Television for your Advertising Campaign?

Unbeatable Speed and Scale

Watching TV is Australians’ No.1 entertainment activity, reaching over 19 million Australians every week.

Quality Australian Content

Commercial TV broadcasters invest $2.4 billion in Australian content and all of our top 25 programmes are produced here.

Access Anywhere

554 million minutes of Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) content is consumed each week via connected devices.

Better Brand Recall

TV ads stay in consumers' memories for longer than ads on online-only platforms.

Unmissable Moments

Our top 50 TV programs all delivered audiences in excess of 1.7 million viewers.

TV Reaches Millennials

63.1% of people aged 18-24 and 76.1% of people aged 25-39 watch broadcast TV every week.

Benefits of TV advertising

TV captures the attention of your target audience in multiple ways. From a 15-second spot to branded entertainment, there is a TV solution to suit your objectives and your budget.

TV can be viewed anytime, anywhere

With UHD and 4K TV and connected device sales at an all-time high, TV media remains the ultimate, undeniable and high-impact brand-builder. Broadcast TV and Broadcast Video On Demand (BVOD) help make brands famous, and associates them with professionally-produced, brand-safe content. There is a TV set in almost every Australian home, with Australians spending on average 3 hours and 47 minutes of their day watching TV on a TV set. The vast majority of that time is spent watching live broadcasts. Today’s smartphones, tablets and computers all show TV content too, with the average Australian home having 6.7 devices for consuming content. In fact, up to 15 per cent of Australians admit to watching streamed TV content in the bath or on the toilet.

TV has unbeatable reach and scale

If you need immediate awareness, what better way to launch a campaign and build momentum for your brand than by advertising on TV media. It delivers mass audiences, every day reaching up to 63 per cent of the population, every week reaching 83 per cent of the population and every month reaching a staggering 93 per cent of Australians. On average, over 16 million Australians watch TV every single day, making it the ideal platform to launch new products and services, or promote a limited-time sales event.

TV delivers ROI

TV advertising works. It generates brand fame, increases brand-recall and boosts brand reputation and positive sentiment like no other medium. In a study commissioned by ThinkTV, leading independent analytics firm Ebiquity found that every $1 invested in generated a return of $1.74 for FMCG brands. 

TV has measurable results

MPA is passionate about using data to guide decision-making in business. Independent, objective and accountable data is vital to meaningfully understand viewer behaviour, evaluate media performance and provide recommendations for future campaigns – and TV is no exception. In fact, Australia is the largest per capita people metered TV market in the world.

OzTAM’s third-party measurement panel is the official source of Television Audience Measurement (TAM) in Australia, and is independently audited to provide credible TV audience insights and data. OzTAM’s services comply with the ISO accreditation quality service requirements of: AS ISO 20252 (Market Opinion and Social Research) and AS ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems). OzTAM are constantly reviewed for compliance and suitability, ensuring that they continue to provide a world-class TV audience measurement service.

TV channels deliver premium content you can trust

The premium content featured on Australian TV makes it the primary choice for viewers. Nationwide, approximately 8 in 10 families sit down in front of the TV set every week – resulting in a captivated audience for advertisers.

Unlock Sharper Media Rates and Enjoy Better Results

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