Online is consistently changing. To keep up with search engine algorithms and the changing needs of consumers you need a website that can grow with your business.

The Media Planning Agency is an agency with qualified developers, web architects, web designers, online marketers and media strategists.  We have been in the industry since its inception and have worked both client and agency side.

Our developers are certified. Net developers using an open source environment (Umbraco) or a licensed product SiteCore designed to deliver maximum output. For smaller to medium site builds we recommend and actively use Umbraco content management systems.  For larger builds our developers work with the latest technology NVC and Net 4.5 ensuring all our builds are scalable and built to best practice.

For us, delivering a website is like building a house - if the foundations aren't right, even if the finishes are beautiful, the house won't be worth what you paid, in the future.   This means we take a layered approach to what systems we recommend, who builds them and how they can be adapted to best suit your business needs;

  • Scalable - able to grow with your business in an modular fashion.
  • Mobile friendly - all designs are CSS3 and are fully responsive.
  • Usability -Is the content management system user friendly and does it tick all the boxes for metadata and other search engine optimisation requirements including easily editable content areas.
  • Design - Getting the look and feel right. Who is the target market, what are we trying to sell, how should the pages and content flow, are the pages laid out in the best possible way?

And with Mobile becoming an integral part of online marketing and access points, Mobile friendly sites are often a module upgrade or come as part of an initial website build.  There's no need to pay for your site to work across the range of pads and smartphones on the market.  Our recommended open source platforms include mobile integration.

Our web developers and architects work closely with our marketers and web designers to ensure a polished and professional outcome. We provide documentation, end to end project management and full training for all our web projects. We are also able to work and consult with your internal IT specialists to ensure the right outcome.

For further details on how The Media Planning Agency can assist you with your web needs, please contact us today.