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The FineVision Product

FineVision® Trifocal Intraocular Lenses replace the natural lens of the eye after cataract surgery. This procedure is typically needed as the eye ages and is relevant to those people who are 45 years and above who are struggling to read across short and long distance. FineVision® may be able to remove the need to wear glasses.

The procedure is quick and simple.

The Challenge

The FineVision product was struggling to gain traction in the Australian market as a viable product to potentially replace glasses with poor site visitation and minimal enquiry at Ophthalmologists who offered the surgery.

MPA was tasked to create awareness and engagement of the service and increase the number of enquiry for specialist Ophthalmologists across Australia with limited resources and strict guidelines for communication.

The Solution

With an initial campaign pre-Christmas 2019 to drive overall awareness, a second campaign was requested for March 2020, amid severe COVID-19 restrictions Australia-wide.

Using COVID-19 research and trend analysis of over 45s, MPA executed a 100% digital media strategy across a six week period which included a unique blend of programmatic and direct buys to ensure premium digital inventory during a time where all Australian's were actively watching news publications.

The Outcome

While the initial trial drove pleasing results, the March campaign delivered outstanding results including a 50% increase in Ophthalmologist searches Australia wide, a 100% improvement in the number users and an almost 3x increase in sessions setting the product up for strong growth and enquiry moving forward.

Sharper media rates and better campaign results

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