Builds brands and SELLS PRODUCT

We know radio. We’ve been planning and buying radio for 20 years.

We know the head of each networks sales departments and the ins and outs of radio media negotiation.
Put simply, radio can work to successfully build and brand and sell products, but you have to know how!  Why? Because each station will tell you they have the best audience, highest reach and best rates for your campaign

Why advertise on Radio?

Reach - Radio reaches most of the population in multiple environments, home, office, car and in every day situations like shopping.

Cut Through -
People spend most time listening to radio. It's the medium that people carry out activities whilst listening to.

Targeting -
Radio messaging can be tailored and localised to specific demographics, geographic areas and communities.

Consistency -
Radio audiences don't fall over the summer time.

Cost Efficient -
Radio offers reach, frequency, impact and economical advertising solutions for advertisers in media value and productions solutions. Instead of thousands for a television commercial, radio productions cost a few hundred dollars and can be made the same day!

Immediate -
Booked today, running tomorrow - we can record and run commercials or live reads on the same day.