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Newspaper and Magazine Experience and Understanding

MPA has the experience & deep understanding of Newspaper and Magazine Advertising in both creative and placement.  We have outstanding relationships with major publishers and have established deep trading discounts, clearing distress advertising for many publishers at massively discounted rates.


 The Media Planning Agency has a deep understanding and history with magazines and newsprint.  Our media director has worked for some of the world's largest publishers in Australia and internationally, so we know how to negotiate the best rates and value added outcomes for our clients.

MPA is a major buyer of distress media across newsprint and magazines.  The media comes to us to clear their unsold placements!  This delivers our clients enormous savings and sets a benchmark for our forward rate trading!.

Why Magazines?

The Media landscape has evolved and is changing rapidly, giving consumers greater options than ever before as to how they spend their time.  As a result, marketers have an increased challenge in engaging their audience and building their brand.

Australian's are deeply engaged with their magazines from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and beyond.
Mass Reach!  Magazines work alone or as part of a multi media strategy to drive awareness through significant REACH.  A single page in The Australian Women's Weekly alone reaches 2.4 million readers

Engagement.   Magazines deliver engaged readers. Studies show that magazines carry advertising that consumers regard as appealing, relevant and welcoming. Consumers also have longer 'dwell' time on page than they do with other media

Brand Building  Magazines build and support BRAND EQUITY and FAVOURABILITY.  Magazines are communities that readers identify and bond with.  Magazine advertising benefits from being a part of this community by showing consumers that an advertiser understands their interests and needs.

Why advertise in Newspapers?

Advertising Effectiveness.   Advertising in news press is a powerful way to engage with consumers that are actively seeking information that includes advertising. Because it's less invasive, readers are more secure with advertising delivered in newspapers and it allows them to make informed decisions.

  • Conversion.   Newspaper advertising draws attention to brands and products readers wouldn't otherwise think about (58%)
  • Word of Mouth.   Newspaper advertising is mentioned to family and friends (51%)
  • Action.   Readers visit the advertiser's website after seeing newspaper advertising (53%)
  • 58% of newspaper readers agree that advertising in newspapers helps them keep informed about entertainment and other local events
  • 57% of newspaper readers agree that advertising in newspapers helps keep them informed of the latest offers
  • 47% of newspaper readers agree that advertising in newspapers allows them to spend time with the ads they are interested in.
  • In addition consumers are not only engaging in newspapers they are taking action.
  • 43% of newspaper readers claim they visited a store looking for an advertised brand
  • 39%  of newspaper readers claim they actually tore out the ad and kept it for future reference

* Source: Reader relationship Study, News Limited Readers - Metropolitan Newspaper Areas.


Affluent Reach.  Newspaper readers are high income earners.

Mass Reach.   The combined circulation of News Limited 5 capital city Sunday Newspapers is in excess of 2 million, with readership in excess of 4.5 million Australian consumers.

Want to know more?  Please contact us today to find out how MPA can assist you with your next media campaign.