MPA is a VOLUME buyer of distress across most ad mediums!

Because MPA has been trading for so many years, the media outlets come to us to clear their unsold media. Distress media is sold at up to 80% off rate card. Noting discounts will vary across each channel of media. We’ve been trading distress for decades. MPA has access to distress across Billboard, Train, Bus, Light Rail, Ferry, Train Station, Digital Outdoor, Television, Press, Radio and Digital.

Major digital networks will trade their unsold impressions like Video Pre-roll at significant discounts if they haven’t met sales forecasts. We have the relationships in place with all major media organizations – not just digital - to pick up distress offers and pass them on to our clients. Call us now for distress opportunities like

A full page ad in a major daily paper, a premium billboard in Brisbane, a bus campaign in Sydney, a radio campaign in Perth, television in Adelaide, a digital screen pack at a major airport.


A Recent Distress Media Campaign

Kyocera campaign placement includes the coveted Saturday front page position. We can tell you that it retails for upwards of $25,000 we can’t tell you what we secured it for. The client is extremely happy!

Client: Amnesty International Australia

Campaign: Refugee Comment/DR piece to coincide with International Human Rights Day

Media: National Daily Metro Newspapers

Creative: Amnesty International Australia

Distress Saving: 60% saving from casual rate period.